In 2002 VASTEX SA put in work a quality management upon the standard ISO 9001 : 2001 .
- Fabrics for bed sets , dresses , blouses , work equipment and home textile
- Fabrics type satin 100% cotton
- Fabrics for military equipment
New products
- Fabric type RIPSTOP for military equipment
- The winding is made on high productivity machineries ; the weight of the cone is up to 1.8 kgs .
- The sizing of the warps is made on modern Benninger sizing machine and warping on Elitex and Schlaforst warping machines .

VASTEX SA is one of the largest textile mills from Romania with an integrated structure of processing from the raw material fibers of cotton and polyester , into carded and combed yarns , grey fabrics , finished yarns and , finally , ready made garments as final products .

The company was founded in 1972 as a cotton mill and, in 10 years, a new mill, a weaving mill and a chemical finishing mill had been added.
- 1 weaving mill - capacity of 250 000 lm/month
- 1 finishing mill - capacity 250 000 lm/month
- 1 ready made shop - capacity 20 000 pcs/month

Through our ready made textiles and hosiery made from our goods, Vastex SA has already obtained signifiant appreciation on the EU market. In the last few years, important export has been made to Germany, Belgium, France, Portugal.

In the last 6 years, the financial outcome was positive, with important profit. The average turnover was 10 million USD. The company is specialised in the domain of textile production, but it also has the important activity of importing and exporting goods.

The company was founded in 1972 as a spinning mill of carded yarns and 10 years later , a new spinning mill , a weaving mill , a finishing mill for fabrics and a ready made shop were added ; the initial name was TEXTILA and from 1991 the company mame is VASTEX SA .

In 2000 , upon a bidding the State Ownership Found , sold the main shares parcel ( 70% ) to SC Castrum Corporation SRL Negresti Oas .

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